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I know this hasn't to do sth with Gazette or Girugämesh directly but I wanted to share it ^^
Well it's my facebook page where I sew and sell handmade Jrock dolls :3
If you want you can check out some pics on my dA account :)
I would be happy if you take a look~~!/handmadejr…

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URUHA by IrethAnarion16
RUKI the GazettE (pencil drawing) by DFrohlic
Black Moral by JustSasuke
Uruha -portrait- by YokoMisuga
The GazettE
MIDNIGHT by Yazuen
33 and still badass by michikurai
In Blossom ~ by Flxrence
CODA by Yazuen
Nii by Rakkasei
Ryo by Rakkasei
Girugamesh Signature by AllenWalkerHinamori
Girugamesh by sakura-umi
Something new in my life ~ by Harurei
Do it yourself,  Ruki by JustSasuke
Shipping Ruki by JustSasuke
Look how I'm a Low-Rider by JustSasuke
Uruha - Digital Painting by JN3ko
Gaze by Jagtru
Uruha Shadow VI II I Pixel by AllenWalkerHinamori
Calm envy by mangafriikki
Shiroyama by ezysummers
Happy Bday Fumuko!! by eidURU
Super Star Style! by Dirl
Aoi VORTEX Pixel by AllenWalkerHinamori
Reirei. by eidURU
Happy Birthday Reita by AllenWalkerHinamori
Reita COCKROACH Pixel by AllenWalkerHinamori
Reita Melt by Mika-loves-Kai

Mature Content

Kai's drummer-gasm by JustSasuke
The Leader by Jagtru
Kai - Digital Painting by JN3ko
Kai outlines by Mika-loves-Kai
Satoshi Berlin 2009 by MizukiYoshigawa
you know? by ChibiReitaNao
---inochi no ki--- by Lillgoban
Satoshi by zerojedynki
Nii Berlin 2009 by MizukiYoshigawa
.:Nii:.-Black-grey- by kamila-cereza-chan
Girugamesh: Nii Poster by renjismistress
Girugamesh - Nii II by alkaloid-showcase
Shuu Berlin 2009 by MizukiYoshigawa
Ryo Berlin 2009 by MizukiYoshigawa
tired by Akita-sensei
Ruki's birthday
Happy birthday, baby.. by DFrohlic
Aoi's birthday
Uruha's Birthday
HBD Uruha! by Fumuko
Kai's birthday
happy birthday Kai by michikurai
Satoshi's birthday
Happy Birthday Bakatoshi :D by Lillgoban
Nii's birthday
Happy 27th birthday Nii-san by kamila-cereza-chan
Shuu's birthday
Ryo's birthday
Gazette Comic Contest closed
Uruha Moment pg.1 by AmoretteCadenza


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-You can submit pictures, cosplay, portaits, drawings, fan art, collages ,...
-10 submissions the day
-submit to the correct folder

When you want to know something or you have a problem with the page, ... . You can always ask us we are going to answer for sure ^^



Random Informations

:bulletred:THE GAZETTE:

vocals: Ruki
guitar: Uruha
guitar: Aoi
bass: Reita
drums: Kai

-Real name: Matsumoto Takanori
-B-day: 1.02.1982
-Height: 162cm
-Fav colors: gold, purple, red, black, silver
-loves shopping
-favourite animals are Chiuahuas and cats
-smokes Malboro Menthal Light
-loves spaghetti, strawberries and peppers
-His perfume is 'CO2'
-favourite season is winter
-family: mother, father, older brother and his dog

-Real name: Takashima Kouyou
-B-day: 9.06.1981
-Height: 178cm
-Weight: 62kg
-Fav colors: purple, grey
-smokes Malboro Menthal Light
-loves to challenge people on his gameboy
-favourite animals: domestic dugs, penguins, dogs and polar bears
-hates olives
-loves playing football, billiard and bowling
-his favourite season is spring
-family: father, mother, 2 older sisters and 2 Nephews

-Real name: Shiroyama Yuu
-B-day: 20.01.1979
-Height: 171cm
-Weight: 55kg
-Fav colors: white, black
-smokes Malboro Menthal
-favourite animals are dogs and cats
-loves to eat things made with love
-likes to drink Asahi Super Dry
-collects: sunglasses, perfume, accessoires and clothes
-his perfume: Davidoff or Samourai and Sculpture
-his favourite season is winter
-family: father, older brother and an older sister
-thinks he has Mt. Fuji down there (LOL)

-Real name: Suzuki Akira
-B-day: 27.05.1981
-Height: 172cm
-Weight: 55kg
-loves watching films(fav movie is Face-off)
-favourite animal: parrot
-likes to eat Kit-Kats and spaghetti
-doesn't like vegetables, mushrooms and Kai's cooking
-collects DVDs and Sex pistols stuff
-family: grandmother, mother and an older sister

-Real name: Yutaka Uke
-B-day: 28.10.1981
-Height: 170 cm
- 1 dream: Reita was his mom
-loves playing football and cooking
-favourite animals: dogs, tigers, alligators and crocodiles
-favourite food: cabbage, biscuits, mayonnaise and bananas
-doesn't like eggplant and taro
-favourite perfume: Blue for Men
-favourite season is winter
-family: mother and father

Official site:


vocals: Satoshi
guitar: Nii
guitar/bass: Shuu
drums: Ryo

-B-day: 13.10.1984
-Weight: 52kg
-Height: 168cm
-likes to watch movies
-favourite food: Yakiniku and curry
-dislike food: carrots and green peas
-he has written all the lyrics for Girugamesh focusing on themes of war, prison and lies
-when he is asked about his family he just says: no one
-considers that he's the best and worst feature is being selfish
-wishes to meet Anna Tsuchiya

-Height: 173cm
-Weight; 53kg
-B-day: 22.07.1984
-favourite food: Plum kelp
-dislike food: Sushi
-Hobbies: playing the guitar, reading mangas and playing computer games
-Family: mother, father and a younger brother
-there aren't a lot of things that he likes about himself but as he said there are a lot he dislikes
-sees himself as 'troublesome'

-B-day: 26.12.1984
-Height: 175cm
-Weight: 62kg
-Hobbies: collecting miscellaneous goods
-favourite food: Jasmine tea
-dislike food: unsmooth read been paste
-doesn't like to talk abot his private life
-is leader of the band
-is the member of the band who speaks most during interviews
-considers himself as a 'fun' person
-dislikes his face

-B-day: 20.09.1986
-Heigt: 163cm
-Weight: 50kg
-Hobbies: remodeling bikes and touring
-favourite food: jagariko, tirolean chocolte
-dislike food: Plum
-composes a vast majorty of the music for Girugamesh
-has an older brother
-idol: Yoshiki
-swearing is one of his bad habbits
-loves girls in short skirts
-has a cute dog

Offical site:



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Come check out this new jrock roleplay website. It's brand new and in need of members.
mistoflight Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey guys if you get a message like this:

>>> ANNOUNCEMENT!!! PSCompany has released a statement that all bands they
manage…Vivid, Alice Nine, Born, The Gazette, D=Out, Sug, Screw, Kra,
doubt Musha, for the fans to stop illegally uploading, downloading or
making your own videos of all their Artists immediately, including
copying pictures for Twitter Icons, Facebook and Social Network Profile
pics, photo album sharing etc. it is against copyright laws. They will
be pursuing diligentley anyone who does so. It will be hard for them to
stop it,but out of respect for our favorite bands we can all do some
adjusting to our Internet/Social Networking etc..The Fanservice, Yaoi,
Macros etc have disrespected the Artists and directly has affected their
reputations. Japan is not like the rest of the world, they only show a
good image in public and keep their private life very private. To make a
mockery of their way of life, talents, showmanship etc is disgraceful
in their eyes and will no longer be tolerated. One more door to Japans
greatest bands is being slammed shut. Adjust your pages, sites, Twitter
etc and respect the Artists who do have families and have to live down
our false accusations about them in stories, pic, and Vids. This is
Major Folks. Things just got way harder, don’t think you can just go to
Japan now and see one of these bands, you will have to be a member of
Worldwide PSC and if caught doing any of the above they will remove you
from the FanClub.Please Repost to everyone you know! <<<

It's an old false rumor, and now someone brought it back to scare the PSC fans. So please don't take it to heart.
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